Celebrating Fathers!

Happy Happy Father’s Day!!

father and son

Kite Flying with Dad

Father’s day is just as important and significant as Mother’s Day.

Why? The answer may be obvious to some of you, yet complicated to others. But most importantly, just like we focus on positive motherhood, positive fatherhood should get the spot light as well.

Committed and devoted Fathers are just as much of a parent to a child. Fathers have just as much responsibility as Mothers do. Children have rights to have positive relationships with both parents regardless of gender unless under special circumstances. Fathers and Mothers each have something unique and special to offer to their children, children gain strengths and lessons from each of their parents. -Though some people may wonder why these points have to be made, it is true that apparent bias is still very present in our society from personal to professional levels, effecting Fatherdom and our children.

So we would like to celebrate Fathers for healthy families and the future!  Also know that doula support embraces and includes everyone present in the family, not just the physically birthing mama.



It’s Worth It..

I fell deeply in love with my son when he was born. It was a natural occurrence, with much thanks to the great support network my family and care provider gave me too. I felt whole for the first time in a long long time with core strength lively present inside. I felt nothing could budge me now, no matter the challenges, which stands true to this day. Even through troubled times, I felt strong and confident.

I was happy, I was intact, and who I was meant to be.

I was gazing at my nursing son and a beautiful thought came to mind, as gentle but assuring as an island breeze breaking the heat.


If there was a time, I made my mom as fulfilled and happy as I am, my own existence was and is worth everything.

That was when I was reassured that love was what counted. When somebody truly loves and commits to caring for that person, it lives on. When someone loves in that way, that person becomes whole and strong. What a gift it is to give love, and what a gift it is to receive that love. Circle of love is a wonderful thing, making the world make sense and go around even through a jumble of what seems like chaos.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas of this universe!
The chance of having any joy, love, happiness, fun, excitement, and all the amazing things in the world is given when a mother gives birth.


Every chance of bettering the new life increases every time she protects and nourishes. Every conscious decision she makes feeds the new life. And how lucky we are to have a day designated to remember, recognize, and embrace something as brave, passionate, and committed as motherhood!


Happy Children’s Day!

Today is Children’s Day, a national
Holiday celebrated in Japan, also celebrated here in Hawaii. It’s a day of wishing for our little ones to grow up strong and well, with all the possibilities open to them.


On this day, I want to thank our children for being our incredible gifts. They bless us with their souls, allowing us to parent and guide them as their journey begins in this world. They bring with them the ultimate lesson and responsibility of life, bringing us back to our basics of what is important. They are the ambassadors of love and life, each born with light we are made to protect.


Core Happiness

Lying down on our bed with our son in the middle, singing, laughing, and talking..witnessing our everyday ordinary miracle, my heart overwhelmed with joy.
So many times, we are made to think there are many things we need and want in life. But without this essential core happiness, my life would be worth nothing. It serves as my inspiration and motivation to live a good life, giving me the opportunity to thank them and the world around us everyday!

Setting up Your Own Birthing Environment

Many mamas I have had the honor to meet have expressed the first time they were birthing, they had no idea how to create a support network for themselves that was truly mother and family centered. They were glad to have found a doula to work with, although they already “knew” they could give birth. Just by having physiology related to birth explained well gave many of their thoughts and questions that came up in their first experience answers and connection.
That realization of being able to have enough information in a mother-centered approach helped create an environment that felt safe and secure for their following birth and the family experienced the true benefit of having a doula, leading them to have smoother transition into welcoming a new addition to their family.
Learn more about doulas through Pacific Doula Servicesand its resource list!

Incorporating Exercise to Activities

Easy hikes are great for the whole family to enjoy including expecting mamas and kids!
During pregnancy, it is a great way to enjoy fresh air, be connected with the earth, and get good exercise. The gentle upward and downward hills help move the pelvis creating more comfortable space for the baby.
Always be cautious of where you step and it is a great teaching/learning opportunity for kids to watch their step.
Intensifying our appreciation towards the bounties of nature on our island, my husband whipped up a delicious handmade, carefully wild harvested strawberry guava sorbet.